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MARCH 6, 2020

The book has been since February of 2020 but that hasn’t stopped information from coming in—important information that supports every supposition in the book and I am grateful. Even now I marvel at what was accomplished in such a short amount of time and I am grateful to all those who contributed to the collective truth.

Since then, I have also had several requests for other cases to be accepted and yet…though all of them are worthy of merit. There is now a series of events that I am beginning to understand as a patterned sign from my guides that a case is meant to be followed up on.

Because not all case are safe; because not all the killers have passed, or the evidence secured…each case is different and brings different trials to the table. Not wanting to give false hope or to move forward on a case without solid faith that I am meant to do so, I ask for signs before accepting. It is my way of knowing that I will be guided for the greater good and that the healing so richly deserved by the victims and the survivors will be granted or at least…encouraged.

Solving a cold case, while it provide answers may also provide further anguish and that is never my intent…but then, I do not control all the variables. My job is only to use the gifts that I have to provide the best route to a positive outcome for both victim and those left behind. It does not matter in the end if we know all the why’s to a case; a loss is still a loss. People seek justice to validate their hurting…to share their wounds and to remind the world something precious that once was, is no longer… at least in this realm.

It is about the victims, as much as it is about the survivors.

Just like with this last case…the Anderson case, before I could accept Phyllis’s case, I was first shown the bronze statue of Archangel Michael, followed by several feathers and other unique signs that are specific to me.

Yesterday, just before I left for dinner, I was scrolling through some messages, when I noticed a Facebook posting about a statue of St. Michael and a prayer specific to him in my feed. This was followed by a feather in my driveway. I acknowledged their presence, said the prayer and asked for future guidance and protection. Shortly thereafter, I received a call about a new case. Quietly, I listened for a few minutes and saw great segue. At the end of the conversation, the numbers 111 appeared; this was also in tandem with my reasons for accepting only certain cases. I told the potential client on the other line that I always ask for a recognizable sign the physical realm, so that I know if I will be protected. I wished them well and asked if we could speak in the morning.

After completing another podcast, I connected with this same individual again and shortly after our lengthy conversation ended, sought to write a blog unrelated just to clear my mind, when suddenly the same image of Archangel Michael was shown to me on another site. The following Tarot card with Archangel Michael on it appeared and, along with it the number 22. I was also being asked to let go of what no longer serves me. New opportunities…

It also helped me to understand why I am always drawn to certain cases. Perhaps, because it reflects something within another life that a young girl always seems to be the victim. And because I am so strongly drawn to these victims, there are bonds that are made in between the veil.

In the case of the latest book, THE DEAD LINE…beyond it being about the Anderson and Sherry murders; it was about a young female victim knick-named ‘Calamity Jane’. She needed me to find her…wanted me to know how she died and who her killers were and how she was connected to the Andersons’ murders.

This new call has sent me another young female victim. She too wants me to know how she died, who her killer was and how she is connected to another case I have yet to discern. This is her introduction to me…her first hello from heaven.

If I am worthy, I will meet her just this side of the veil and answer the call.

Stay tuned…

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