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Atlanta Missing & Murdered Children evidence!



T.A. Powell is a published playwright/novelist and studied Investigative Forensics at UMUC and is listed as an Expert with CCIRI (Cold Case Investigative Research Center), enlisted to unravel some of the country’s most captivating cold cases. Powell works with another psychic medium detective, along with former POA for Wayne Williams and current POA for Carlton Gary/Columbus Strangling’s (until execution on March 15th, 2018) G. Bulloch, and other research team members to provide credible and substantive circumstantial, patterned and direct physical evidence to law enforcement and attorneys to help either re-open and/or solve cold case murders.

· Powell writes her True Crime Investigative Memoirs in real time, progressive revelation format to engage the reader in the process of discovery and has worked with active and retired law enforcement, including agents from the GBI, FBI and ATF in Washington, DC to produce actionable evidence. Powell has 3 novels to her credit and is owner and CEO of Brownstone Literary Works, LLC and web site, hosting a decade plus blog: Anatomy of a Murder. Powell owns both the web site, blog, and the Brownstone Literary Works, LLC publishing company, along with #brownstoneliteraryworks, and, and for distribution of pertinent information and podcast series.

· Book provides and professionally documents previously undetected physical and circumstantial evidence, as well as newly retrieved direct evidence, eye-witness testimony and positive photo identification(s) of former Columbus prime suspect (L. Bayard), related to current Carlton Gary, DEATH ROW conviction of the Columbus Stocking Strangler murders in Columbus, Georgia of 1977-78, involving the slaughter of a founding member of the Coca-Cola family, Kathleen Woodruff, as well as the photo identification of L. Bayard, by a prospective victim, as being one of the men who attempted abductions during the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children killing spree at a campground area, near the site of the former skating rink, the Golden Glide in South Dekalb County-Atlanta , Georgia. And identified By Mrs. J. Curry, as to the man who tried repeatedly to enter her house from a master bedroom closet skylight, one full month after his alleged death in November of 2010. Positive identification through photo of L. Bayard; who also matched description of youthful witnesses to a man fitting Bayard’s physical description from the Curry family slaughter. (Columbus case on file, prosecuted by same DA, whose father was in business with L. Bayard in the Columbus Concert series and should have potentially recused herself in the Kareem Lane, Columbus Stocking, Mary Sue Ogletree and Curry cases; as Bayard was originally considered a POI in several of them. His name later removed without explanation.) Book also demonstrates that Facebook postings of photos, showing a pink “Sunset” rose as being attributed to a deceased victim; Carly Green, who also is depicted in several FB photo postings, as a woman who lost a part of her forearm due to alleged torture, before her murder. This latest FB posted photo acknowledges timestamp and location of the pink rose photo and denotes it by the posted- JC BOOKER, that ‘part of Carly is under a Sunset rose’; (Sunset being the ritualistic time of kills) with the backdrop landscaping identified by subsequent owner of his estate- that it was exact to original landscaping of the backyard when they purchased the property. This unwittingly corroborates statements in the posting made by the FB alias JC BOOKER, who stated that the ‘photo was taken from his former backyard a few years ago’. Copy of photos and FB screenshot postings in LOTH manuscript and on file with author and attorney. Victim’s name, Carly Green holds the MK ULTRA trigger word for Bayard of Green; also, she had RED colored hair- fitting the color-coded combo trigger for Duncan as well, to adhere to the MK ULTRA trigger code. GBI (ATL) was notified of potential human remains on the former property of L. Bayard on Broadway in Columbus, Georgia and referred that FBI was lead on that case and would have to follow protocol. FBI agent(s) were contacted and apprised of such information. No FBI contact was ever returned. (*See further notations below.)

· The author also identifies previously undetected patterned physical evidence hidden within ME reports and information embedded within both Atlanta PD and FBI files—concerning infamous case files such as the Zodiac, the Boston Stranglings, the West Memphis Three (Tennessee) and the unsolved (23+) Atlanta Missing & Murdered Children cases of the 1980’s…fact patterns and patterned behaviors/MO’s, which were then used by the (Mallard) Prosecution team to produce a substantive narrative for the crediting of the Atlanta Missing & Murdered Children cases to Mr. Wayne Williams, as well as providing supportive underpinning for the conviction of Mr. Williams for the murders of the two adults—Nathanial Cater and Jimmy Ray Payne.

· Never-before detected physical evidence found in the 1970 Chevy Chevelle white station, connected to the original owner—L. Bayard. This car was later transferred to the uncle of convicted Wayne Williams in Columbus, Ga. via a friend, Adolphus Biggers. Biggers was then murdered after the potential brokerage of the deal, to destroy a direct tie back to the killer. (Biggers death is a matter of public record.) Thirteen kill/hash marks (matching the address of the landscaper’s nursery at 13th Street and 13th Avenue, Columbus, Ga.) are digitally documented through still shots and film, providing 13* of the 23 kill/hash marks made by the true killer to chronicle his victims. (Photos on file with author, retired ATl PD officer(s) and her attorney.)

· Additionally, the author and POA have secured and documented newly discovered eye-witness testimony; including positive photo identification regarding the alleged abductor/killer(s) of the Atlanta Missing & Murdered Children cases. This bombshell evidence of key signature elements, eyewitness testimony and positive identification of suspect(s) and Facebook postings, reveals the underbelly of corruption within several major cities and law enforcement agencies, unearthing massive cover-ups over 3 decades of the potential abduction, torture and murder of both children and adults. The narrative produced by the (Mallard/Wayne Williams case) Prosecution team, is incrementally deconstructed and the new found evidence offered to be used in the evaluation of said criminal cases in the state of Georgia, including the following: Columbus Stocking Strangler case, Mary Sue Ogletree case, Katarina Wright murder, Curry family murders, at least 2 Richland, Georgia unsolved murders. Case research information compiled potentially adds another set of potentially guilty individuals to the Williams cases of Atlanta’s Nathanial Cater & Jimmy Ray Payne murders, as well as providing actionable and patterned evidence regarding the (23+) unsolved Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children cases in Georgia. (Originally thought to support Williams case to appeal, subsequent information and research now finds the convicted felon (Williams) an active accessory to the 23+ ATL child murders. Cases outside of Georgia are documented/listed separately in the bibliography and/or case files therein.)

· Book also reveals previously undetected key physical signature elements in each crime scene of multiple other histrionic serial killings dating from 1945 in Chicago, Illinois through 2010+ in California, through both military and cultic relationships between the Columbus native, another Columbus resident and two other individuals involved in the resurrected ideology of the, Star of Thelema cabal—it’s ideology and the rites and rituals contained in the ancient Egyptian, Book of the Dead, Lieber Al, and the ritualistic kills made by H. H. Holmes (AKA, Jack the Ripper). The book also explains the military connections between the participants, their obsession over a New World Order dogma and the homicidal copycat rituals they employed to connect to their masonic cabals and complete their murderous mosaic. (Information also substantiated by law enforcement and research experts; CIA and FBI agents in recent History Channel series; “Hunt For Zodiac” and Discovery Channel special series Jeff Mudgett’s relative…on Herman Mudgett – ‘The American Jack the Ripper’, and new information recently revealed in the 2017 staggering docudrama of operative, Frank Olson, by Netflix…concerning the CIA’s covert experimental programs under the tutelage of Sidney Gottlieb, during the early 1950’s, between the CIA and the Army Chemical Corp; ARTICHOKE and MK ULTRA sub-project 19, respectively- whose main concern was chronicling the effects on human guinea pigs, while receiving suggestive information under the influence of experimental drugs such as LSD. The ARTICHOKE program; one of several precursor programs to the eventual MK ULTRA sub-project 19, was more concerned with the drug and sensory deprivation induction of schizophrenia and the covert training of these drug-hazed would-be assassins in specific CIA killing techniques; such as garroting, mind control and the introductions of poisons or drugs, through the art of sleight of hand, as commissioned by the CIA, employing the talents of magician John Mulholland.) Later interviews with former Atlanta PD officer, D. Rutledge (March 2018), concurs that both Homer Williams and Wayne were known as having homosexual tendencies and both were suspected of participation in luring young African American male children for purposes of sexual solicitations and potential victims. (Letters that contain connective information and patterned information, remained in Homer’s files after Wayne’s arrest and his [Homer’s] death; suggesting he may have been potential party to killings and was still in communications with Robert Duncan and Lee Bayard under the non-de plumes of “RED Harrison” and “Leroy Green”; keeping letters as insurance policy to remain protected. Note, both letters on file with author and former POA,G. Bulloch.)

· Book uses credible ATL PD and FBI case files and research to provide and documentation in great detail, previously undiscovered key signature colors and ritual codes (MK-ULTRA) implanted within each crime scene; including previously undetected physical evidence patterns, clues and eye-witness testimony, replete with positive photo identifications that tie this former Columbus, Georgia POI, (who was legally declared dead in 2010) to Facebook postings of a male from 2010-2017, who uses an alias, fitting the peculiar profile and history of the suspected killer; including digital footprints to his involvement in the development of story-lines and locations between the killer and an active shooter video program that he contributed to under same said alias, which depicts Columbus, Georgia as one of the serial killers hot spots. (COLUMBIA by BioShock Infinite)

· Book further demonstrates and documents throughout its 739 pages, connections between the prime suspect (L. Bayard) to an American Poet Laureate and a famous artist from San Francisco, California who were collectively involved in sexual, social and political rebellions and revolutions in the 1960’s; Robert Edward Duncan [R.E.D.]and Jess Collins, respectively. Connections and confirmations of their culpability and corroboration of their involvements in multiple serial killings cryptically embedded within their literary and artistic works, demonstrates their connections to some of our nation’s most infamous serial killings and to their Columbus native partner(s). (Information in the LOTH manuscript, copyrighted in 2014-2017 has also been substantiated by recent experts showcased in the History Channel series, “Hunt For the Zodiac”, December 2017 which corroborates the use of poetry in the 340 cipher, confirmation of campground use, the color coded triggers of “red” and comic book copycat techniques [By Gun, By Knife, By Rope, By Fire] in the 1941 “RED MASK” comic book series by Tim Holt, as cited by Zodiac Historian, Misty Johnsen, along with numerable insertions of the “white rabbit” images throughout Collin’s artwork, further corroborating the use of MK ULTRA techniques and subtleties in the “collage therapy” demonstrations, documented in the Eric Olson docudrama of his father’s assassination in the recent 2017 Netflix series; “WORMWOOD”. Both the Zodiac and Collins’ artwork is also considered to be “MK ULTRA collage therapy” and there are numerous poetic references, as well as artistic renderings from each, which corroborate specific signatures of the Zodiac killer(s).)

· Book similarly delivers secured witness testimony that provides positive identification of photos posted on suspect’s alias’s Facebook postings in 2015, 2016, and 2017—as original to physical structures and landscaping unique to the estate of the suspect, who falsified his death in 2010; referencing the murder of a victim (Carly Green), who fits the parameters of their killing code –suggesting a portion of her physical remains (right forearm) are still buried within that same unique landscape of his former home in Columbus. This same reference is made through several photos on his FB page; along with a direct artistic rendering of said same physical torture and same said physical remains (right forearm) corroborated in a comic strip published artbook of his Californian cohort, Robert Duncan’s life partner—Jess Collins, born Burgess Collins, who worked early on, on the Manhattan Project.

· Falsification of L. Bayard’s death in 2010, confirmed by 2 FBI SAC agents (SAC B. and SAC W.) to Carlton Gary in the summer of 2016 and local law enforcement (Columbus, Ga.) to R. S. in January of 2017; both after 2 formal reports and pertinent ongoing information and documentation were surrendered to both attorney of convicted Carlton Gary, John (Jack) Martin, members of the Georgia Innocence Project team, as well as to ATL FBI Headquarters. Formal reports given to FBI-ATL, in both 2015 and 2016 by Powell and Bulloch. Updated information also emailed to FBI agents in 2018.

· Book furthermore delivers and documents (Bayard and Duncan) associations with CIA undercover programs, pre-cursors (ARTICHOKE) to the now well-known mind control program, MK-ULTRA…demonstrating their cohesive activities with CIA mind control programs headed by controversial figure, Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, who was attached to major military sexual (child) abuse scandals at the Presidio in 1980’s, the abduction of Johnny Gosch- targeted for his use of a little “red” wagon and the Lawrence E. King and Franklin Sex scandals with Nebraska’s Boys Town abductions and child trafficking.

· Author works with paranormal influences and the dead, to help solve their own murders through mediumship and other esoteric avenues, in tandem with more traditional forensic disciplines. Powell has credible direct and circumstantial evidence that connects all 4 individuals to the following unsolved national serial killings, as well as other standalone murders, currently listed as unsolved… the Columbus Stocking Strangler and the Atlanta Missing & Murdered killings being highlighted for greater impact..

· Major serial killings allegedly involved:

The Chicago Lipstick Murders of 1945

The Black Dahlia of 1946

The Boston Stranglings of the 1960’s

Columbus Stocking Stranglings 1970’s

The Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children of the 1980’s

The Abduction of Johnny Gosch

The Zodiac Kills

The West Memphis Three

The Oakland County Child Killings of Michigan… and many more.

The book documents the real-time investigation, the information and evidence secured, complete with bibliography and photo graphic evidence references for validation and edification. The evidence thus far, has been made available to all pertinent agencies and attorneys, but it is time to go to the court of public opinion and help find justice for the remaining unsolved and less publicized murders contained therein.

All events that happened within the book are true and factually represented and time is now of the essence to bring justice and light to these cases of national interest.

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