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Dialogue with the Dead...



The podcast is up and running and with only 13 episodes in, we have covered a good bit of the case material for the assassination of Federal Treasury Agent C.G. Covington, who was murdered by fellow law enforcement in Valdosta, back in 1966. Declared a Suicide, evidence now points to a homicide committed by those in blue and brown who swore to protect him as a brother in arms.

Hear from the author how the case was solved with the help of the victim himself as he worked directly through the author and another psychic medium detective. Hear also as the author explains the sudden disappearances and murders of other victims connected to Covington’s findings. Learn how 2 young females were used a sex toys by the local law. Why one who was pregnant was brutally beaten with a shovel and buried under a public works project. Find out who the young State Patrol officer was, his connections to the next female victim and why he and others strangled to death after being tortured by the officers and officials who bedded her for fun, before she began asking too many questions.

Find out what kind of entertainment went on at the Valdosta Amusement Center after dark and why it was so necessary to keep it all quiet. Learn what information was given to Charley at the S&K restaurant and later at the Shoney’s the night, just hours before he was murdered.

Learn the secret code of those who plotted and planned Charley’s murder and how the author was able to decipher the code word they used; “OSTRICH”.

Want to know what lies beneath the murky waters of a Cypress marsh located directly across from the main gate to the Wild Adventures Theme Park? Or learn how the men who murdered this agent, collectively covered-up his murder for over half a decade with the help of a former Superior State Court judge? Or how about which high-ranking state official flew in from Atlanta the night of Charley’s murder to help them manage the crime scene and protect his future run for the presidency?

Want to know where the second weapon now lies… the one that was used for the fatal wound to Covington’s skull before they fired a second shot into his chin to promote the idea of suicide?

The podcast goes where the book previously couldn’t!


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Follow the series as we tie up all the loose ends the Covington case and then move on to the Columbus Stocking Strangler case and the Curry Family Massacre case. Learn of exculpatory evidence in the Curry case never shared with the jury and why the DA and the Public Defender each had a reason to keep it quiet.

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