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Introduction to 2019: spirit and case files for consideration

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Introduction to 2019… very interesting!

Was surprisingly happy to see the end of 2018 go by the wayside. Although a great deal was accomplished in 2018, both professionally and academically, there was so much mental maneuvering expended to navigate the holidays and clear away any last minute technical obstacles for podcasts, it became a bit of a struggle to enjoy the fullness of the season by the end.

But here we are now, a few days past the dropping of the crystal ball with a new challenge and a new day to follow our callings and make the world a better place… so, Happy New Year to all and welcome to Dialogue with the Dead!

This new website does not replace my old website, ( but adds more information and a newer approach to my investigative adventures. This includes a new TRUE CRIME podcast series, which will accompany the investigations and the novels produced in tandem with them. (Those novels can be view on another page of this website and are available in paper and Kindle format on; links provided.) As an investigative forensics author and psychic medium detective, this website will also seek to advise and educate as to my process and the investigation results, as we go through each detailed conversation with the dead in an attempt to help them provide information about their own murders in this realm.

With great thanks to family and faithful colleagues for all the hard work accomplished in 2017 & 2018, and any professional accommodations received and successful personal goals achieved…we begin anew with a new set of cases and even more research and ethereal information to help support previous suppositions for other cases already investigated. That’s why, with what time is available before we become set in routines for 2019—let’s do ourselves a favor.

In this first week of January 2019, give yourself a big hug and say goodbye to people who drain you of your happiness and enthusiasm. Let the shadow of their negativity fade with the energies of the blood moon. Their doubts and demons are not yours and if they have no intention of serving the higher good—then let them serve themselves and let them go! These are the people who will cling to your shirttails and try to profit from your efforts and successes. So, you keep yours and do not let them steal your thunder. Let them go create their own success and if they can’t…let them blame the face they see in the mirror…not yours. The days of carrying others on your back, when they have two fine legs of their own, is over. Declare your independence from their misfortunes and their misgivings and move forward into your new reality!

Now, do not misunderstand me. Of course we should always help those in true need, but not those in greed! It’s exhausting to watch folks expecting their lives to change for the better, while they continue to vomit nothing but deleterious bile over others’ good deeds. Karma is a bitch and so, if there may be a few emotional zombies still trying to cross over and infect the start of your new year…don’t let them!! Take a stand, look them in the eye and make the choice to re-gift back their unwrapped crap and walk away.

Recently I’ve had to do this for myself. You see, some people think that you should be bound to them forever and that my dears is not always the case. Though each life will carry the echo of the ones before, this is what the lessons are for. Everyone has a path and negatively holding onto someone or forcing yourself through negativity into their life is a repeating Karma, than can and should be broken. Take back your power and by doing so, you diminish theirs!

While as humans we are programmed to help one another, there is a difference between helping those that wish to only serve others and those that wish only to be served. This last year has been a tough one for many who have lost a loved one, suffered from tourniquets of monetary obligations, or encumbered with those emotional zombies who would wish to steal our joy. That being said, it is with pleasure that some of us bid this particular harvest cycle goodbye and welcome in the next 7 year cycle. It is time to replant our best intentions, move forward with detailed plans and hopes to eventually reap the benefits of your own harvest! Work hard…earn what you earn…want what you want…create what you create…do what you do, and remind others to learn how to do the same for themselves.

Teach them to fish and then let them dig for the bait themselves!

This year should and can be your year, if you follow your dreams, put your shoulder to the grindstone and make it happen! It doesn’t take a village to create your personal success. What it takes is stamina and determination, regardless the goal. So, step into the New Year without the baggage of other people’s emotional debts and egotistical hangovers! This is about you living your best life and balancing the costs of personal sacrifice.

Just a thought…

The reason why I bring this up, is because with the rise of those now connecting to or trying to connect to spirit, there is also the rise of those who will belittle and berate them. It’s sad, so you have to remain strong. Spiritual awareness does not come in a prepackaged box or a singular religious persuasion, so judging someone’s approach or application of that spiritual connection—even to the rigors of investigation, is always unwise and very unbecoming. Allow each soul to give and receive information through their own format or through their own process, and applaud their efforts to serve the higher good and not themselves. No one process will be the same, so be kind and focus on the strengths and weaknesses of your own connections first.

If you can’t—just keep your comments to yourself. Others will be grateful and remember, ‘Gratitude is an attitude’!

Because I work in a field where I combine my education, experience, personal understanding and relationship with spirit to solve cold case murders, I see a lot of people who, through either fear or ego, often berate the work of those who share the same interests and/or abilities. When others come to me and ask for help, if guided by spirit… I do so. If I am not, I politely defer, because either I may not be the best vehicle for their healing or they are not at a point where they can truly reap the benefits of the help being provided.

Please note: I do not ask you to believe as I do, nor should you consider it a slight if a case is determined not a good fit. I simply know which cases are meant for my participation and which are not. That being said, if I do work on a case…your case…you as an individual need to understand that the transference of attention must shift from our introductions to the dead—to the victims. Why? Because it’s about the victims, the investigation and the healing that the investigative process can bring to all. Healing is and must be the focal point of spiritually assisted discovery and resolution.

My point is…if you don’t want something psychically investigated, don’t ask for a psychic investigation. If you do, graciously understand that you are no longer the focus of my energies, nor should you be, unless you are somehow involved. Bring to the table what you can and then step away. Research, evidence and spiritual segue will take precedence, unless otherwise guided by circumstance. In other words, it’s perfectly ok not to understand the spiritual/psychic process—but condemning it is not.

Each case I take, on average, eats up 4-5 years of my life from beginning to end, and that is even before the publication of that journey takes place. None of this comes for free. Although I prefer to take my currency in ink; in that I can and do take the option to write about your case, as part of my TRUE CRIME series…any extravagant costs may be passed on to the those requesting my services, should extensive travel or resource copies become involved. This is contained in all initial agreement documents and notarized for legal recourse. NDA’s or Non-Disclosure Agreements may also be invoked to protect information and sourcing methods before information can be turned over to authorities and/or publication occurs. Most trivial expenses I absorb, as part of my gift back to the universe and my gratefulness for having been given such a gift and the privilege of working with so many talented individuals.

So, for others on the outside who have no idea of how and what I do; or have no personal connection to spirit …I ask you to take a deep breath and think before you contact or comment on my process. I am not here to convert, confuse or suffer your insults. If you are too uncomfortable with my process, I simply ask that you find someone more fitting to handle your case. Your opinion is your own and while it matters to you, it neither constitutes truth or dogma for others so, be kind. Remember—you reached out to somebody else for their help and psychic expertise. Respect that and their abilities, even if you don’t understand or prescribe to them. Own your truth, live it, walk in it… but remember, it is your own and that does not take away from another’s truth, process or educated opinion. While opposing perspectives should be entertained and sharpens everybody’s investigative process, ethereal information does not originate from a position of ego and so I do not deliberate its merit. Cold case murders are hard enough so, a gross inability to be gracious by any potential client will not be tolerated on this website.

Since so many people are naïve about the process of a spiritually based/psychic investigation and how it can be applied as a useful connection during a more traditional forensics investigation, I decided to do this blog and these books. They show you what I do, how the process works for me and then helps me chronicle events and epiphanies, as I write about them. The new podcast series: DIALGUE WITH THE DEAD on the podcast page of this website will also help explain my process, share some of my interviews and capture some of the flavor of the books, through case files studied and my communications with spirit.

See: ( T.A. ON AIR

So, does every psychic medium detective or investigator investigate and process information in the same way?


Should they?


Because everybody has their way of taking in and processing information and their path to the end product is never the same. The only thing that matters is that they get there and have the critical or hard evidence to back it up.

Does that give others the right to slam another’s generosity or their Source-driven connection?

No, it does not. Again, psychic medium detectives work for and with the dead to help in the eventual healing process for all concerned.

If you go into this kind of work looking for the almighty buck… good luck! Spirit knows that when overgrown egos and open wallets walk in the ethereal door, it’s time to walk out! The universe is not there to serve you, you are there to serve others and trashing others along the way is not the way to win favor with the heavens. So, if you have mistakenly landed on this website to leave a snarky remark, that option has been eliminated for you. I do not do negativity.

There…just by clearing the space of unwanted conflicts and delusional obligations, we have hereby cut the cords between that what was veiled and what is now a clear understanding! Being a spiritually guided psychic medium detective and investigative forensics author means that while I do not ask you to believe in the process, I do not accept a case that I do not believe at the end, I can deliver the desired product: actionable evidence.

If you need help and I am guided by spirit to respond, I will. If not…God Bless and may your trials be lightened by another more gifted than me. The contact form is on another page in this website...blessings.

T.A. Powell

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