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Is this spirit introducing a new case?


Once again while working towards another book, something else has been dropped in my lap and I am beginning to wonder...

Is this spirit introducing a new case?

This is what I heard and was shown in the early morning hours before I awoke. Uncertain, I recorded the following at 4:23 AM, 10/24/2018.

"Mud caked shoe laces laid across the top of the shoes like soil-laden worms, crawling from under the wet earth in the early morning mist."

Audio and visual images repeated several times at 4:43 AM.

The words were pretty, descriptive. Almost too pretty, even for fiction. But as you know, spirit and I do not do fiction…we do true crime.

They do victims.

I do killers.

They do clues.

I do research.

They do their best to get my attention.

This worked.

Perhaps this has something to do with an email I received the other day. An email on my computer with a file full of crime scene photos I have yet to review. The connection feels deliberate somehow. One minute I'm dreaming about an argument with a crazy redhead, whose throwing things about my office and the next ... they show me running down a hill after a tractor trailer tipped on its side, with a set of bunk beds laying in the middle of the road that are not mine, and yet I feel a connection to them. Next, they show me a man standing by another smaller pick-up truck at the edge of the medium, looking on—looking suspicious.

He feels guilty of something to me. Somehow tied to the redhead, tied to the bunk beds… to children… to a pair of shoes and then... nothing.

While trying to figure out if that scenario was more creation of late-night sushi than actual substance, I was interrupted with the message above.

Though the words were both flowery and few, I somehow know there will be more. More words…more images. Less flowery, less suspect, less easily dismissed as a poor midnight menu regurgitation.

And even though the message about the shoe laces feels less connected to the dream, it feels very connected to the file.

Stay tuned...

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