• T. A. Powell

Spirit did introduce a new case...

The post from October 24th, 2018 about the shoe laces finally has a tag line!

The Curry Family Massacre case!

Oh Columbus... as if the mistakes made in the Columbus Stocking Strangler cases wasn't enough!!

"He always wears these boots. The shoe laces are rarely tied, almost never tied. These boots. The shoe laces do not to touch the ground, but he never ties them.

The eagle is there... it is so large. It is there, looming...this eagle that looks down. It's painted or perhaps made of wrought iron. Do you know this eagle? Do you recognize where it is from?

They say the name Sonny...a connection. It is important.

The initials TM are mentioned too.

Do you understand?"

"Before I got the files I did not. But yes. Yes..." I say. "I do now!"

Stay tuned Columbus!