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THE DEAD LINE... TRUE CONFESSIONS of a DIXIE MAFIA ASSASSIN “Not everyone who dies, rests in peace…and not everyone who rests in peace remains silent!” Powell Jacket Teaser:

“Not everyone who dies, rests in peace…and not everyone who rests in peace remains silent! That’s something the souls of the dead say the Dixie Mafia has apparently forgotten after 52 years. Wallowing under the misguided mysteries of a broken family and the Mississippi mud that slogged through their veins, the indomitable daughter of slain Lt. Dan Anderson, Phyllis Cook and psychic medium detective Powell are ready to expose newfound evidence about the previously known and unknown participants of the Cornbread Cabal’s two greatest murders of revenge: the infamous night of the Buford and Pauline Pusser ambush on the Mississippi/Tennessee state line and the assassination of Gulfport, Mississippi’s Judge Vincent Sherry and his politically active wife, Margaret. Unearthing new facts through once forgotten family photographs, countless documents and undercover interviews, along with forensically based discoveries, Powell has used the shorthand of the dead to assist Cook in connecting the dots between the ‘alleged suicides’ of her father and brother to the graveside guardians, who were hired by the Dixie Mafia to ensure their silence about the nights the lights went out in Mississippi.

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